Ku 5th Sem Assignment Submission

Edit My Courses List

Organize Your Blackboard Course List by Semester

Students see all Blackboard courses they are enrolled in, for current and past semesters. If the course has been made available/accessible to students, the course name is a clickable link to enter the course. If the Blackboard course is not available to students, the course name is not a link and will be followed by the words “not currently available”.

The instructor must make a Blackboard course available before students will be able to enter the site and access content. Contact your instructor if you have questions about this.

Sort your My Courses list by semester and optionally hide past semester courses:

  1. Login to Blackboard
  2. Put your cursor on the words My Courses, then click the gear icon on the right side. This takes you to the settings page for the list.
  3. The first checkbox is Group by Term. If there is no checkmark in the box, click to select it.
  4. You can stop now and click Submit to save your changes. If you want to hide the courses from past semesters, continue to step 5.
  5. To the left of the semester Term Name click the checkbox to un-check any semester you want hidden. All courses for that semester will be hidden.
  6. You can also hide or reveal individual courses by scrolling down to the complete list of course names.
  7. Click Submit to save your changes.

Video: Edit My Courses List

If you have questions about your Blackboard course list settings please contact the Educational Technologists at 785-864-2600, itedtech@ku.edu on the Lawrence campus or 913-897-8719, kuec_edtech@ku.edu on the Edwards campus.

Occasionally our Committee receives reports from students that instructors have scheduled final exams during the last week of classes or during Stop Day.  The purpose of this memo is to remind instructors that they are required to follow University Senate Rules and Regulations (“USRR”), Sec. 1.3 and Sec. 1.4, concerning final exam and regular exam scheduling. The rules were developed to protect students from the potential development of unmanageable test loads.  

The regulations require that the last major exam of a class, whether covering material for the entire semester or only a section of the course material, may not be held during the last week of classes or on Stop Day.  The appointed time for the exam during the final exam period for spring 2015 is listed on the Registrar’s website at http://www.registrar.ku.edu/exams/. This regulation applies to classes on both the Lawrence and Edwards Campuses. 

If a “take home” final exam or an online final exam is given in a class with a regular meeting time, it may not be due prior to the end of the regularly scheduled final exam period for the class.  If a proctored or online final exam is given for an online course, the due date shall be noted in the course syllabus.  The above does not apply to assignments such as projects, performances, or papers.  These may be due or take place during the last week of regular classes. A rule approved by the University Senate and the Chancellor in FY12 provides that projects, performances, papers, and other course work may be due during finals week only if in lieu of a final exam.  This rule does not apply to coursework for which the student has received an extension.  

The Calendar Committee does allow exceptions to the rule, but only under very special circumstances, with the best interests of students the overriding criterion.  A vote by the class, even when unanimous, is not considered justification since, among other concerns, it can unintentionally place students under pressure to follow their peers.  Also, special recognition ceremonies (held before the final exam week) are not grounds for rescheduling final examinations.  Petitions for exceptions to the rule should be directed to me by email (jwintoki@ku.edu) and must be received at least three weeks before the last scheduled day of classes. 

Instructors are also reminded that normally, exams and tests other than final examinations CANNOT be scheduled outside of regular class or laboratory hours.  As stated in USRR 1.4.2, examinations and tests other than final examinations may be given at times other than regular class hours ONLY when the time and place have been approved by the Calendar Committee and published in advance in the Schedule of Classes (http://classes.ku.edu/). 

The complete text of the final exam policy in USRR 1.3.2 is at https://documents.ku.edu/policies/governance/USRR.htm#art1sect3.  The policy for tests other than final exams in USRR 1.4.2 is at https://documents.ku.edu/policies/governance/USRR.htm#art1sect4.

Thank you for cooperating with these important regulations.

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