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The assignment will last, at least, 24 hours. In your example, if User 5 logs off, User 6 won't be able to log in until, 24 hours past, you delete the license and assign it to User 6. (Then User 5 won't be able to log in again).

"Allow dynamic" means that, instead of manually add any user to a license, you allow any user that logs into the system to get a license from the server. For small number of licenses, it's not usually a good idea, and assigning them manually doesn't take too long. However, when you have several dozens of licenses, you usually let the users access the system, get their licenses dynamically, otherwise it will take a lot of time to identify them and add them to their documents. Again, it depends on how you manage your systems.

No license will be deleted nor unassigned from any user, unless you do it manually. You have to allow 24 hours quarantine period between you want to delete an assignment and you actually delete it. For example, User 5 has a license and is no longer going to use it, so you cannot assign it again to another user until 24 hours later.

Hope that helps.

A customer recently asked us about using Dynamic Licensing after hearing conflicting suggestions. Here’s the deal… 

When you enable the “Allow dynamic CAL assignment” option, QlikView will automatically assign a document CAL to any user who goes to AccessPoint and opens up an app. 

This is great on one hand because you wouldn’t have to manually assign that user a license. However, once a CAL is assigned to a user, it will stay that way until it is manually unassigned. Also, it cannot be unassigned from one user and reassigned to another user for 24 hours since it’s last use (24 hour quarantine period). So, you can not have users come and go and share licenses. 

So, while this may be helpful for some companies and situations, I usually tend to guide my customers to manually assign licenses to users so as to absolutely know for sure that the right people have the right access at the right time. 

Scott Joelson

Managing Consultant

Scott specializes in QlikView and Qlik Sense.


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