Arranged Marriage Are Better Than Love Marriages Essay

  • Arranged marriage is better

    In my view arranged marriages are better than love marriage. In love marriages partners are trying to impress each other, they are not ready to share their weaknesses. Problems occur when the partner doesn't like to accept their weaknesses after the marriage. So a love marriage will be successful when both understand each other.

    In arranged marriages, parents choose our partners. I think they know what is good to their children. Here two persons with different attitudes, mentalities and goals are committed to live together. So they will respect their partner's choice. So I think most of the arranged marriages are successful.

  • Yes, they are more stable.

    An arranged marriage is one in which there are not all the grand expectations that there are when love is involved. Love can often let you down, whereas an arranged marriage is based on expectations that are reasonable. An arranged marriage reflects the actual idea that marriage is a contract and both parties know what to expect from the other. It's not often that arranged marriages result in the kind of madly in love type of relationships, but they usually do have a settled and loving bond with each other that works.

  • Arrange marriages last!!!!

    I am voting for a different type of arranged marriage a new version not this old school rubbish that goes around where the daughter or son has no say! They should be involved more so than anyone but i guess my point is both parties are supposed to love via logic not emotion. Traditional love is all based on endorphins in your body and chemical reactions, for example if person looks "hot" to what society brands the girl will look for someone who looks "hot and probably fall in love even though thy dont get along and then they split up. Why do we have so many rates of separations! The girl was the one who continued the relationship! Cause that girl chose the guy based on lust and not logic, we have this pressure from society in that you have to fall in love the ideal partner. Too many marriages are based on lust no a days and i guess the best way to put it is love should be about logic, respect, compatibility compassion. The girl should be READY not THINK she is ready. So many love relationship fall out. I have seen arranged marriages last way longer but there are cons in this as well!!!! The new way of arranged marriages is different than what North Americans think. Two families raise there kids and already plan that the children would marry, they give them exposure to each other and encourage them to gain experiences so the love is actually built , once being put through the years they "fall in love" but this was already arranged from the beginning. Hence arranged marriage, instead of some one being single finding someone and then getting married at random. I guess my post should be for love but in my opinion getting your parents or your friends to arrange someone for you is better they know what you want, you dont get hurt and waste time and become someone's love experience

  • Made in heaven.

    Arrange marriage is made in heaven as the parents will find the perfect match for me and my family. Respect and true love between the couples. Thrilling moments. Its like hidden treasure and more you explore about your partner strengthen the love, understanding, feeling and relationship. Long lasting true relationship.

  • It has a foundation

    You see, people now find ways to be "strong" for their loved one. But that's not how it goes. Being strong for that one person is simply by showing that you know their weaknesses and flaws. You do know that it's really hard to accept the fact that we people have weaknesses, but we need to accept it of we really love someone, and that's hard.

  • Good in some societies bad in others

    Arranged marriage is good in some societies while it is bad in some other societies. It is good in some societies because it is following the religious customs, it is a sign of honor and respect to the families involved and it is the culture of the community. It is bad in some communities because someone has no right to marry who he or she loves, it is discriminating and it does not matter if the parties involved are happy.

  • I believe in any marriage.

    Nothing is better than anything.
    It's what you believe in!
    I come from a place where arranged marriage is very common.
    So I believe in both.
    But I'm going to have a love marriage!
    Because I'm in love with someone who I truly love <3
    It would be tough for me but I'm willing to take the risk to live with someone I want.

  • I believe that love marriage is better

    Love marriage is better than arrange marriage. Well know who have an idea about love they always choose love and coordinate with parents also. An another question that is parents choose best just see his/ her face, family, economic condition without internal views. I request the youth to crack out the bad culture.
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  • Think About Context

    Although many of us live in first world countries such as America, Canada, etc. I would like to inform you that the way things are done in some countries are different than ours. On the con side, people had stated suicide and depression and also marrying older men. It is a hard concept for us to grasp, but in countries such as India, this is none but the norm. We think: "Oh, gee that must be nasty, that 15 year old marrying that 45 year old man!" But coming out of the 15 year old girl's background knowledge, what's so nasty about it?

  • I believe in arranged marriages.

    Expectations that aren't met can fall something apart. In marriage, expectations aren't really that bad, in fact, it can be a good step to start the marriage. But couple tend to depend on their expectations. They expect loyalty, perfection, desire, passion and solutions to all the problems they will encounter. Their marriage will break down continually if expectations aren't me because it could be a total shock for them. Expectations are a slippery slope; when one expectations aren't, it can cause disruption to the other.
    Arranged marriage does not work that way because they have less expectations from their marriage and so they will have time to be curious and understand each each, build their marriage and build their love.

  • Marriage as a social institution has remained evergreen for years. Young couples, whether in love or whether introduced through parents hope to tie the knot once they know they have found the right person.

    Marriage can be based upon love or can be purely arranged; the choice is up to the person who wants to marry; whether to marry a known person or unknown person. Obviously, there are pros and cons in every situation. Which is better? Arranged or Love? Let us see…

    Advantages of Love Marriage

    Love marriage is an union between two individuals who are attracted to each other after having met either at school, college, office, or through common friends or in the neighborhood. They mutually decide to tie the knot that would not permit legally any other person to get involved between them. In other words, they are legally together. Young people are going in for love marriages rather than an arranged one. Why so?

    • One has the complete freedom to select his or her life partner. No elder decides.
    • Selecting one’s own partner is a sign of maturity.
    • One is not marrying a total stranger. One knows the weak and positive points in order to adjust easily in matrimony.
    • Marriage is based upon love for each other and although the chances of it breaking down are there, yet the young couple hopes that their togetherness lasts forever.
    • Mutual respect for each other is there as they know each other before itself.
    • Marriage is not imposed. It is an independent choice.
    Disadvantages of Love Marriage
    • Familiarity breeds contempt.
    • Lack of support from family and relatives.
    • At times, it can be financially difficult as the partners have to fend for themselves. There is no elder to bail them out.
    • Risk of the marriage breaking off is there as sometimes love wears out or perhaps the couples are “tired” of each other.
    • The question is who loves more than the other. Sometimes, one can experience deception also and the marriage can also be merely for convenience.
    • One of the partner may get bored with the other person and may seek the company of another person to fill in the vacuum in the relationship, This could be a devastating experience and could lead to depression as one is “let down” by somebody one has truly loved. At times, you may not have your family support in such a situation and may have to depend upon other support systems.
    • Financial problems may crop up and due to lack of family support, the relationship between the couples may get strained and result in hate for each other.

    Now let us have look at what comprises arranged marriage and whether it is a better option to love marriage.

    Advantages of Arranged Marriage
    • The selection of the partners is done by the elders and thus the marriage is more stable.
    • Family support is there due to which the couple could seek family help in case of crisis.
    • Partners are matured individuals who are getting into matrimony after feeling that the choice is right.
    • The groom is financially stable and the bride also brings in income for the family in the form of other assets. The couple feels secure financially.
    • There is excitement after marriage as the couple gets to know each other after the ceremony is over. There is fun in discovering each other.
    • Mutual respect for each other as the marriage is decided upon by elders who bless the newly-wed couple.
    • One can marry at a time when one feels that one is now ready to settle down in matrimony. It could be either after one has completed one’s studies or one has secured a proper job.
    • There is no question of “familiarity breeding contempt”.
    Disadvantages of Arranged Marriage
    • One is marrying a totally unknown person.
    • The bride may find it difficult to adjust to the life-style of the in-laws.
    • Demands in the form of cash and other assets may be made which could strain the relationship between the couple.
    • Although most couples adjust, yet, it is possible that one may not like the other partner at all.
    • Problem of impotency and other hidden ailments could arise, which may not be disclosed at the time of marriage.
    • The marriage could be merely a contractual arrangement, like well-to-do business families do. There may not be any love involved and at times the male partner may have liaison with other women.
    • The bride may miss the comfort of her home.

    Whatever said done both arranged and love marriages seem to be appealing but the best deal is semi arranged as one gets to know the partner and also gets the approval of the family.

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