Interview Dialogue Essay

 A dialogue between a job interview

Jabbar: May I come in, sir?

Man: Come in.

J: Good morning, sir

M: Good morning. Be seated, please

J: Thank you, sir.

M: What's your name?

J: My name is Jabbar

M: What's your father's name?

J: My father's name is Dr. zulfiqar.

M: Your father is a doctor, but you chose to be an engineer. Why?

J: It's because sir. I have no aptitude for medical profession.

M: Don't you want to serve the suffering humanity?

J: Humanity is suffering in all fields of life, sir. So I've an equal opportunity to serve people in my field.

M: You did your graduation in 2008. What have you been doing since then?

J: I'm looking for some proper job, sir.

Man: I What do you mean by proper job.''

J: I mean sir a job where I could have an opportunity to exploit my abilities but where he employer may not exploit me.

M: Why didn't you join some Govt. department?

J: First thing is that Govt. has no jobs to offer because of the world wide economic recession. And second is that in Govt. departments both the idle and the ideal are treated in the same manner. The idle has no fear to be deprived of his job and the ideal has no hope for rapid progress.

M: Mr.J: your CV shows that you have been a very brilliant student throughout your academic career. You have won many distinctions and have visited a number of countries. If you think you can't make any progress in Pakistan why don't you try your luck in some other country, say in America or England.

J: I don't say sir that I can't make any progress in Pakistan. I've determined to stay in Pakistan and strive hard to prove my worth. But sir I need a proper platform from where I could start my journey. And I think your company can provide me one as you appreciate qualification and not recommendation.

M: Ok, Mr. J:, I think you are the man we are looking for. Please, keep in touch. We'll inform you within a week. Good luck.

J: Thank you very much, sir.

Interview Dialogue

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I: Please have a seat. (motion to chair)
A: Thank you. Oh, this is a copy of my resume and a list of references.
I: Thank you, I will take a look at these. I see you have applied for the cashier position.
A: Yes, that’s right; I can work in other positions in the store as well.
I: That’s good. Can you tell me (about) your previous work experience?
A: I worked as a clerk at 7-Eleven for one year. Before that I worked in my country at my parents’ grocery store. I had many responsibilities such as: ordering merchandise, stocking shelves, and waiting on customers.
I: I see. Are you looking for a part time or a full time position?
A: I’m looking for a part-time job because I go to the Adult School to improve my English.
I: Customer…show more content…

Not academic classes and lectures, but living together, and making friends and taking part in some outside activities, but not too many. And we tried to show them what we had learned about how to organise your work, so as to do justice to a range of different subjects. And to let them know the points at which they needed to make choices. And to know that we - students in the year senior to them, were friendly and really wanted them to do well. |

7 | Miss Lam | Sounds good. That kind of responsibility can be intimidating if you are dropped into it without any sort of assistance - especially if you are the first member of your family to get into University. | | Felix | Yes indeed it can. That was what happened to me. My parents were entirely supportive, but they simply had no idea what the experience of University study was like. It took me several months to find my feet. That's why I was keen to get involved in the orientation project. | 8 | Miss Tam | So what do you get out of your involvement? | | Felix | As I said, I learned how to identify the problems, and to talk about them in terms that newcomers to the University could understand - or at least, I got to be much better at it! It's actually quite a difficult thing to do. |

9 | Mrs. Smith |

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