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Lutz is using a descriptive writing pattern. He’s providing specific details which paint a picture for the reader. In the essay, for example, Lutz uses “glocalization," "competitive dynamics," "re-equitizing" and "empowerment". (Lutz, 1996 para.2) These words being used creates the image of what he wants the reader to visualize. Lutz is using the descriptive writing pattern very well because it’s communicating a clear thought for the audience. He’s giving detailed explanations on the subject, which connects the audience to his words. A great example Lutz uses in his essay is “Wages may not be increasing, but the doublespeak of job titles sure has increased. These days, your job title has to have the word "chief" in it. How many kinds of "chiefs" are there? Try these titles on for size: Chief Nuclear Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Learning Officer, Chief Transformation Officer, Chief Cultural Officer, Chief People Officer, Chief Ethics Officer, Chief Turnaround Officer, Chief Technology


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