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Today, there are many delicious foods easily available. I sometime wonder how life was in the ancient past when they did not have ease of access to food as we do today.

However, though I can find food of all kinds in our stores there are foods that stand out as my favorite.

I easily walk past the pizzas, the fluffy pasties, pies, and cream cakes. But when I sit in the restaurant and see the words oxtail stew, with creamed spinach and potatoes I positively drool.

The Waitron places the crispy warm bread rolls beside me on a white plate. In front of me were yellow balls of butter. Next, she placed in front of me a bowl of creamed spinach, dark green finely cut with the white cream and steam coming from it advertising it was freshly cooked. I inhaled the warm aroma unique to spinach. Beside it was a bowl with smooth white mashed potato. Rich creamy smooth and firm from the butter and milk that had been beaten into it to add to its flavor and smooth texture.

Then came the bowl full of oxtail stew. Its rich dark brown color was set off by the white bowl it was in. The gravy was thick and rich. I could smell the aroma of beef, garlic, and herbs and spices drifting up from it into my nose. My mouth watered in anticipation.

Now I took the silver spoon and dipped it into the bowl of potato. It smoothly penetrated the firm fluffy white mound. I lifted the spoon and turned it over on my plate depositing a mound of potato. I repeated this 3 times. Then using another spoon I scooped up spinach dripping white sauce and put it on the plate beside the potato. The dark green Spinach was hot, the white Sauce melted and it contrasted with the creamy potato. Now after a second helping of spinach I took another larger spoon. I dipped it into the rich brown stew and stirred it. Then I scooped up a chunky slice of oxtail. Several other pieces followed that one onto my plate, the rich brown meat, contrasting with the dark green spinach and creamy white potato. The succulent meat gleaming with a coating of rich gravy and the aroma of gravy, garlic spinach and potato blending in the steam rising from my plate. I scooped up gravy from the bowl and trickled it over the white potato catching the scent of red wine. I broke the roll and spread butter on it and I was ready to eat.

Now the decision where to start, so I bit into the fresh crisp roll and tasted its warm soft texture and the melting butter. By then I had decided to sample the potato with gravy and the spinach. The potato was smooth, with a taste of butter over powered with the tangy gravy, its garlic and hint of good red wine in it. The spinach was a good foil. Smooth with its vegetable texture and plain white sauce it softened the taste of the gravy. Then I used my fork and removed the succulent meat from the bone. Its soft texture, fatty feeling in the mouth, the spice wine and garlic in the gravy made it perfect. So I sat contented at my table eating as much as I could, and more than I should of my favorite food.

Tips on writing a descriptive essay about your favorite food:

  1. This essay form is personal. It describes your personal experience and view on your favorite food.
  2. The goal is to create a vivid picture in the reader’s imagination.
  3. Brainstorm by using your power of observation and make notes.
  4. Carefully choose descriptive words that bring out a vivid picture of what you describe – in this case – your favorite food.
  5. Ensure you apply all your senses. The reader must be brought into the picture in his imagination. If you use words such as hot, cold, warm, dark, light, sunshine, fragrant, and the like.
  6. Describe, where you can, your emotions and feelings. Most of the readers will identify and connect with emotion.
  7. Do not lose your focus and make sure you organize your paper correctly.

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If you are writing a personal essay on your favorite food, below are some facts that might help you craft a well-rounded presentation of food related content:

  1. Many students choose those foods which are naturally fast and simple, without the preparatory work of cooking because of their lack of time. Because of this many companies today provide fast meals that offer all of the nutritional options necessary for all dietary types including vegetarian and vegan. There are snack packs which include an equal dose of all the nutritional options the body requires, in the form of a single meal serving size. These options include fats, carbohydrates, and proteins so that they leave students more satiated.
  2. Favorite foods are often something that the body craves because of what is contained therein. What is perhaps most fascinating about this is that many students will crave favorite foods like those heavy carbohydrate items that remind them of home when they are sad, or chicken noodle soup when they are sick, and even sugary treats when they are feeling tired. While not all of these are scientifically proven to improve health or energy levels, they nonetheless are so powerful mentally that they result in complete satiation and sometimes healing. Chicken noodle soup, for example, is something high in sodium but is generally a favorite of students when they are sick because it reminds them of home and their parents caring for them. This actually results in healing properties.
  3. The food you eat provides fuel for your body. Nutrients are broken down in your body and supplied to your muscles, put into your blood and used by your organs. Nutrient intake varies based on what you are doing – the demands that you regularly place on your body. A physically active person requires more nutrients and calories than does one that is inactive. However, your caloric and nutrient intake will also vary based on your physical fitness regimen. For example, your body uses carbohydrates as a source of quick energy. Therefore, those who are involved with long-distance running tend to “carb up” before the race. This provides their body with the essential nutrients needed for high performance. During the off-season, though, or in-between races, runners reduce their intake of carbohydrates. This is because a surplus of carbs is usually stored as fat in the body.
  4. Getting the proper nutrition is more than important. This includes eating less fat, eating smaller portions and getting the right mix of vitamins and nutrients from your food. Setting nutritional goals is the best way to work your way toward a healthy diet. Setting these goals can be simple, and can be a good way to evaluate your progress toward a healthy diet.For example, you might set a goal to eat your recommended daily allowance of whole grains every day. To meet this goal, you can eat things like oatmeal, wholegrain bread and other foods. Track what you eat and then compare your results for a week to your goals. Evaluate your overall progress based on how close to meeting your goals are.
  5. One good thing to know is how to control your cravings. Your body craves things when it needs a certain nutrient. By recognizing these cravings you can give your body what it needs in a healthier manner. If you are craving chocolate it means your body needs magnesium. Therefore you should eat:

    If your body is craving sweets or sugary foods it needs Chromium, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Carbon, and Tryptophan. Therefore you should eat:

    • Fresh fruit
    • Broccoli
    • Cheese
    • Chicken
    • Grapes
    • Beef
    • Nuts
    • Raisins
    • Spinach
    • Sweet potatoes

    If you are craving bread or pasta your body needs nitrogen. Therefore you should eat:

    • High protein such as meat
    • Fish
    • Beans
    • Nuts

    If you are craving oily foods or fatty foods your body needs calcium. Therefore you should eat

    • Milk
    • Green leafy vegetables
    • Cheese
    • Broccoli
    • Yogurt

    If you are craving salty foods your body needs chloride so you should eat:

  6. Diet Plans: There are myriad diet plans on the market today, ranging from the “cabbage soup diet” to the Atkins diet. Most of these are fads and they offer no real benefits. The best diet is one that provides you optimum nutritional intake, limits your intake of fats and is firmly founded in all major food groups.
  7. Performance Enhancing Products: there are lots of products out there that claim to enhance your performance. Few of these are good choices, though. Some can be good solutions, such as protein powder for bodybuilders. However, that does not mean that they are right for the average person. You need to contrast their nutritional value with their cost, as well as their effectiveness.
  8. Herbs: herbs can seem like optimal solutions for dietary needs. They’re natural, after all. Herbs can be very good for helping you improve your health. For instance, many herbs offer dense nutritional content that can be good for many conditions (valerian for sleep, etc.). Again, this does not mean they are right for you. Many herbs can be harmful when consumed in high quantities. Therefore, just because a product lists natural herbs as ingredients, it does not immediately follow that the product is good for you.
  9. Sports Drinks: sports drinks are great for those who play hard. They offer rehydration and can replenish electrolytes lost through sweat and physical exertion. However, sports drinks are really only good while playing sports. Opening such a drink while studying is a bad idea. The sugar content, sodium and other elements in the drink can actually do more harm than good. If you don’t need the support offered by these drinks, then water is best.
  10. Weight Gain Products: products that tout their “weight gaining” abilities are popular, particularly with those who feel that they are underweight or who want to “bulk up.” However, most of these are not particularly good solutions for a growing body. Using them can have some very serious side effects. If you feel that you need to gain weight, then adding protein through your diet and increasing your physical activity is the best option.
  11. Weight Loss Products: weight loss products have been around as long as humans have felt “fat.” Most of these products are bunk, pure and simple. Many of them can be dangerous, as well. If you feel that you need to lose weight, then a healthy diet and plenty of exercise is the best solution available.

When you are writing a personal essay on your favorite food, it is very important to remember that healthy diet and active way of life improve your state. So, we hope that when you read these facts, you’ll understand that you need to change something and then you’ll write about your favorite healthy food. If you need to make a topic for your paper, check out our sample essay topics and look at the writing guide on a personal essay.

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