Latest Research Papers On Road Extraction

As a significant role for traffic management, city planning, road monitoring, GPS navigation and map updating, the technology of road extraction from a remote sensing (RS) image has been a hot research topic in recent years. In this paper, after analyzing different road features and road models, the road extraction methods were classified into the classification-based methods, knowledge-based methods, mathematical morphology, active contour model, and dynamic programming. Firstly, the road features, road model, existing difficulties and interference factors for road extraction were analyzed. Secondly, the principle of road extraction, the advantages and disadvantages of various methods and research achievements were briefly highlighted. Then, the comparisons of the different road extraction algorithms were performed, including road features, test samples and shortcomings. Finally, the research results in recent years were summarized emphatically. It is obvious that only using one kind of road features is hard to get an excellent extraction effect. Hence, in order to get good results, the road extraction should combine multiple methods according to the real applications. In the future, how to realize the complete road extraction from a RS image is still an essential but challenging and important research topic.

Road extraction from digital images is of fundamental importance in the context of automatic mapping, effective urban planning and updating GIS databases. Very high spatial resolution (VHR) imagery acquired by airborne and space borne sensors is the main source for accurate road extraction. Manual techniques are fading away as they are time consuming and costly. Hence, road extraction method that is significantly more automated has become a research hotspot in remote sensing information processing. This paper proposes a semi-automatic approach to extract different road types from high-resolution remote sensing images. The approach is based on edge detection and SVM and mathematical morphology method. First the outline of the road is detected based on Canny operator. Then, Full Lambda Schedule merging method combines adjacent segments. Then the entire image was classified using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and various spatial, spectral, and texture attributes to form a road image. Finally, the quality of detected roads is improved using morphological operators. The algorithm was systematically evaluated on a variety of satellite images from Worldview, QuickBird and UltraCam airborne Images. The results of the accuracy evaluation demonstrate that the proposed road extraction approach can provide high accuracy for extraction of different road types.

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